1. Information collection and use.

1.0: In order to complete transactions the company requires the following information from the customer: Valid email address, Account Password (for our site, not for your mail server account), Forename, Surname, Full postal address. In addition we may require credit card details: Card type, Credit / Debit Number, Expiry date, Issue Number (Switch, Maestro & Solo only), Cardholder's name, CV2 number.

The information you supply is solely for the purposes of commerce transactions between the company and the customer.

With the exceptions detailed in section 1.1, we will never wilfully or knowingly release this information to any third party without your expressed consent.

1.1: We are unable to refuse to supply this information to:

  • Our postal service provider (Name and postal address only)
  • Our domain hosts whose servers the data is stored upon.
  • Any law enforcement agency that requests this information, having followed proper procedure and being in possession of appropriate legal warrants.
  • 1.2: Third party sites and services accessible through the site have separate data collection practices and privacy policies. We accept no responsibility for data transmitted to them by the customer. You are solely responsible for the accuracy, maintenance and secrecy of your account information outside of our data processing / storage facilities.

    1.3In the event that a third party acquires all or part of our business and/or assets, we may disclose your personal data to that third party in connection with the acquisition. Furthermore, we reserve the right to disclose your personal data to third parties as part of any business or asset sale carried out because Design A Cake Limited has gone into insolvency or any similar situation, but only where lawful and compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998, as amended from time to time.

    2. Email information.

    2.0: The use of Washington Design A Cake’s online ordering facilities implies consent to receive from the company, emails and other correspondence relating to your account. This includes information on current product information and promotional offers. You may opt-out from our promotional mailing list by following the procedures described in section 3.0.

    3. Deleting / Modifying your Account.

    3.0: If you require the company to permanently remove your personal information from its customer database or you wish to subscribe / unsubscribe to any mailing services we offer, please write a detailed request to support@design-a-cake.co.uk citing your full name, email address and password.

    4. Security Information.

    4.0: Personal, postal and payment information is transmitted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. The data is sent via a 128-bit encryption method. This means that your data cannot easily be read as it travels across the Internet. We offer no support to those web browsers that do not support the high level of encryption that we use. If you are using a shared or publicly accessible computer and are concerned about other users viewing cached information after you have left the machine please clear your browser's cache and close your browser software when the transaction is complete, in order to reduce the possibility of exposing confidential information.

    While we strive to ensure the secrecy of any information you send us is secure, you do so entirely at your own risk.

    4.1: The site uses cookies (a small packet of data from our site and stored on your computer) both temporary and permanent. We use them for maintaining session and login status only. No personal data is ever stored within them on your device.

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    For more information on HTTP cookies see this Wikipedia article.

    Your use of our site will be taken as implied consent to receive and store cookies from our site on your device.